Use A Charter Bus For Your Next Church Group Excursion


Are you looking to take your local church youth group or maybe the choir on a weekend excursion? Whether you are visiting a religious site or just looking to get people out of the church and into the community to have some fun, you will need to figure out the logistics of getting everyone to where they need to go. To that end, it might be to everyone's benefit for you to look into using charter bus services.

3 March 2020

Helpful Advice To Consider When Buying A Trailer For Work-Related Operations


If you tend to haul a lot of equipment around and need extra space, buying a trailer is a great investment. It will give you that much more room for various tools and equipment. There are many options today, but you can make a great investment by considering this buying advice.  Opt For Durable Construction  Since you're paying a good bit of money on a trailer for equipment hauling, you deserve to get the most out of this investment.

19 December 2019

Why Your Company Needs A Reliable Permit Partner


Permits are an unavoidable part of any interstate trucking trip. Whether you are an owner-operator of a single rig or responsible for managing an entire fleet, proper permit acquisition is a vital part of your business operations. Failing to maintain appropriate permits for your truck not only takes you out of compliance with state laws, but it also exposes you to significant fines. Even worse, being stopped without a permit will require you to obtain a temporary permit in addition to paying those fines.

25 October 2019

Dump Truck Pointers: What To Consider


Dump trucks are regularly seen on construction and other industrial and commercial work sites. If your new company is about to use these trucks for the first time, though, you may think the trucks can be rented without much serious thought. However, thinking through the considerations below can be vital for avoiding work and rental problems in the process. 1-Getting Proper Size Try to avoid the frequent mistakes that other new companies make by focusing their minds only on rental costs.

10 August 2019

Tips For Getting From The Airport To Your Hotel In A Foreign City


When you're in a foreign city and you do not speak the local language, getting from the airport to your hotel can be a challenge. It's the first big step you need to take in that foreign city and one that often involves trying to read signs and speak to people who do not share your native tongue. How will you get there? Here are some tips. 1. Book a ride in advance.

9 July 2019

Getting A Quote For Boat Transport Services? Factors That Can Affect The Price You Are Quoted


If you are moving, are buying a new boat or have sold your boat, you may be looking for a boat transport, or boat hauling, service. A boat transport service drives your boat on the waterways from your current location to its new home. When you are looking to hire a boat transport service, it is important to get quotes from at least a few licensed and insured boat transport services to help you determine what a fair and responsible price is for your job.

22 May 2019

3 Helpful Tips When Ordering A Limo For A Special Event


If you're prepping for a special event, you may want to arrive to it in style. That's where limos come in handy. They offer plenty of space and luxurious traveling experiences, making this special event that much better. To ensure this rental process goes smoothly from start to finish, you'll want to utilize these tips.  Gather a Head-Count of Passengers  One detail you need to get perfectly is figuring out how many people are traveling in the limo.

27 February 2019