Six Possible Reasons Why Temperature Control Is Important In A Warehouse Setting


There are a lot of reasons why warehouse operations often require temperature control at their facilities and in cargo vehicles that transport products in and out of their facilities.

Depending on what industry your company operates in, temperature-controlled warehouses and transportation might be essential for your everyday operations. Temperature control can make a warehousing operation more efficient and successful, regardless of what climate warehouse facilities are located in. 

The following are six of the most common possible reasons why temperature might be essential for a warehouse operation. 

To ensure product quality

Numerous types of products could be adversely affected by temperature extremes. Of course, food products come to mind first. However, other types of products including electronics, furniture, or even fabrics can become warped or damaged if they are exposed to temperature extremes. 

This means that a temperature-controlled warehouse can help ensure product quality and therefore customer satisfaction. 

To ensure product safety

Some products can even be rendered unsafe if they are stored for an extended period in situations where they are subjected to temperature or humidity extremes.

Food products can quickly go bad if exposed to high temperatures. Also, certain materials can weaken or warp and detract from the structural integrity of products. This can lead to safety problems. 

To make employees more comfortable and satisfied while on the job

The more comfortable and content warehouse employees are on the job, the less turnover their company will have to deal with. Keeping warehouse temperatures under control during very hot or cold times of the year helps with employee retention. 

To avoid employee injuries

Companies employing warehouse employees could be held liable for workman's compensation expenses if their staff members become injured on the job. Temperature extremes put employees at greater risk of experiencing injuries like heat stroke. Temperature control helps keep employees safe and healthy. 

To avoid equipment malfunctions

In some industries, temperature control is important in warehouses to ensure that equipment malfunctions don't occur. Extremely hot conditions put mechanical equipment at risk of overheating.

Industries where heavy-duty mechanical equipment is required for warehouse operations often lead to a need for temperature-controlled warehousing. 

To boost warehouse productivity

Temperature controlled warehousing can boost warehouse productivity in numerous ways. It can keep equipment in better shape over time and therefore reduce downtime due to equipment breakdown. 

Temperature control can also increase the efficiency of warehouse employees. Employees experience less fatigue when working at controlled temperatures, and this boosts employee productivity. 

To learn more about temperature controlled warehouses, contact warehouse companies in your area.


20 July 2020

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