Dump Truck Pointers: What To Consider


Dump trucks are regularly seen on construction and other industrial and commercial work sites. If your new company is about to use these trucks for the first time, though, you may think the trucks can be rented without much serious thought. However, thinking through the considerations below can be vital for avoiding work and rental problems in the process. 1-Getting Proper Size Try to avoid the frequent mistakes that other new companies make by focusing their minds only on rental costs.

10 August 2019

Tips For Getting From The Airport To Your Hotel In A Foreign City


When you're in a foreign city and you do not speak the local language, getting from the airport to your hotel can be a challenge. It's the first big step you need to take in that foreign city and one that often involves trying to read signs and speak to people who do not share your native tongue. How will you get there? Here are some tips. 1. Book a ride in advance.

9 July 2019

Getting A Quote For Boat Transport Services? Factors That Can Affect The Price You Are Quoted


If you are moving, are buying a new boat or have sold your boat, you may be looking for a boat transport, or boat hauling, service. A boat transport service drives your boat on the waterways from your current location to its new home. When you are looking to hire a boat transport service, it is important to get quotes from at least a few licensed and insured boat transport services to help you determine what a fair and responsible price is for your job.

22 May 2019

3 Helpful Tips When Ordering A Limo For A Special Event


If you're prepping for a special event, you may want to arrive to it in style. That's where limos come in handy. They offer plenty of space and luxurious traveling experiences, making this special event that much better. To ensure this rental process goes smoothly from start to finish, you'll want to utilize these tips.  Gather a Head-Count of Passengers  One detail you need to get perfectly is figuring out how many people are traveling in the limo.

27 February 2019

Using A Helicopter Charter For Your Wedding Getaway Transportation? Here's Some Helpful Advice


Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many details to cover in order for the wedding day to go off without a hitch. Typically, brides-to-be ask their mothers and married friends for advice based on their experiences. But what about couples who want to do something extraordinary on their wedding day and get whisked away in a helicopter instead of the proverbial getaway car with a "

26 November 2018

Shore Excursion Booking: Through The Ship Or Direct?


If you've recently booked your very first cruise, you may be considering your shore excursion options. Shore excursions are a great way to get out and see some of the sights of the ports you pull into, so they are well worth the time and money invested just for the experience. However, you have two options when booking those excursions. You can either book them through your cruise ship, or you can book them directly with the tour companies that are offering the excursions.

25 August 2018

Top Benefits Of Using A Cargo Van For Delivery Services


If you are looking for the perfect vehicle for delivering your products, you might have looked at larger trucks and other big options. One thing that you might not have thought about, however, is investing in a cargo van. Even though they might be a bit smaller than many trucks and other vehicles that are used for deliveries, they can often be the best choice. These are a few reasons why.

2 April 2018

A Helpful Guide When Buying Golf Carts


Golf carts are extremely important for golf as they help you get around from hole to hole. Today, there are many types of carts you can purchase. To narrow down your choices and take your golfing experiences to the next level, keep this guide in mind. New vs. Used The first order of business is deciding on whether you want a new or used golf cart. You'll pay more for a new cart, but it comes with many advantages.

9 February 2018

Tips For Choosing An Airport Service To Use


Driving to and from the airport can be a task that is surprisingly stressful. In addition to the stresses associated with flying, there will also be the logistical considerations of getting yourself to the airport and back. Depending on the area and design of the airport, this can involve paying expensive parking and other fees. By taking advantage of the benefits of using an airport transportation service, you should be better able to manage the stresses and other issues that will arise during your airport trip.

12 December 2017

4 Car Changes to Make When Becoming a Corporate Taxi Service


Creating a contract that will make you a company's personal taxi service is one way to keep stable income coming into your business. Finding businesses who would like a dedicated business taxi cab service for employees for a structured cost is possible, especially if you are in a large city. there are some changes that you may need to make if you would prefer to market your business as a company taxi service.

1 November 2017