Charter Bus Luggage Guidelines


Hiring a charter bus driver to transport you and your loved ones to a vacation destination will omit the need to tune up your vehicle or purchase fuel for your transport needs. A bus charter enterprise will allow each traveler to bring along a set amount of luggage, which can be stowed in a built-in compartment or brought into the bus. 


A charter bus outfitter may offer some guidelines that will aid in packing for an upcoming trip. It may be advisable to avoid bringing large sums of cash, jewelry, and expensive technological gear along on a charter bus trip. If any items of value are lost while being transported, a bus company may not be liable for the loss. A charter bus outfitter may restrict patrons from bringing alcohol or firearms on a bus. A full listing of what is acceptable and not acceptable will be supplied through the bus company that is hired for a charter trip.


Luggage may consist of standard suitcases with wheels, suitcases without wheels, duffel bags, and tote bags. Each bus rider will be allowed to bring a set amount of luggage along with them. Oversized luggage will need to be stowed away in a vehicle's built-in storage compartment. There may be some limits as to how large a suitcase can be. A bus company will also outline how much weight can be added to each bag.

Small bags are often allowed on a bus. Each traveler will be limited to how much stuff they can bring on the bus with them. A bus outfitter may state that a bag must fit inside of an overhead compartment. A carry-on bag should contain the items you may need while you are on a bus. Reading materials, comfort aids, and snacks are some items that can be packed inside of a carry-on.

All bags should be tagged, prior to a bus leaving a bus terminal. Tagging a bag will require that a person's name, address, and phone number be printed on a label or a paper tag. Some charter companies may allow additional luggage, provided there is enough room to store it.

When purchasing tickets, a charter company's representative will need to know the travel party size. They will calculate how much luggage can be brought along. Mobility aids, including wheelchairs, may be allowed on a bus. Some transportation companies are equipped with space where wheelchairs and other aids can be stored.


26 August 2022

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