RV Transport Services Offered Through A Carrier Or A Broker


RV transport services relieve an RV owner of driving their vehicle a long distance. If you will need to have your RV professionally transported, research the services offered through a private carrier or a broker.

The Insurance

A transport service provider or a broker will outline if insurance coverage is offered to a client. Insurance coverage will cover costs associated with damage or theft. A policy may also cover incidents that occur due to inclement weather. If you choose a transport company that doesn't offer insurance coverage, you will need to purchase a policy separately. Having adequate insurance will ensure that you do not encounter monetary losses associated with having your RV transported.

The Pricing

The pricing that a private carrier or a broker provides you with will depend on the size of your vehicle and the distance the RV will be transported. Some carriers may offer an RV setup service, which could inflate the cost that you will be charged. If you work directly with a private carrier, this individual will provide you with pricing details. If you work with a transport broker, they may contact several service providers, obtain an itemized price quote, and let you know the pricing details for each option.

One perk associated with using a broker is that they will handle all of the details associated with the transport process. They will make your reservation and will relay pertinent information about the transport requirements to the driver who will be rendering the transport services. A broker will need to know the size and style of the RV to ensure that the transport company that accommodates you will have a vehicle that is equipped to transport your RV.

The Timetable

A private carrier or a broker will provide you with a timetable for when you can expect your RV to be picked up from the point of origin and dropped off at the destination you have chosen. Being prepared with the timeframe in which the carrier will be conducting the transport services will allow you to gauge when you should begin getting your RV ready for the road. Remove valuables from the cargo area. Make sure that you have a spare key on hand. This will allow you to furnish the transport service provider with one key and you with another.

For more information about RV transport services, reach out to a company in your area.


30 January 2023

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