Dump Truck Pointers: What To Consider


Dump trucks are regularly seen on construction and other industrial and commercial work sites. If your new company is about to use these trucks for the first time, though, you may think the trucks can be rented without much serious thought. However, thinking through the considerations below can be vital for avoiding work and rental problems in the process.

1-Getting Proper Size

Try to avoid the frequent mistakes that other new companies make by focusing their minds only on rental costs. If you're sure that the smallest, cheapest truck to rent is the best one for you, you need to take money out of the equation. A small truck can work for some projects, but if you attempt to make one small truck do the work of a large truck or multiple trucks, you'll be in trouble. You may not be able to clear a site as quickly as you'd like and you might overwork your employees with multiple trips and dumps.

Instead, be mindful of what kind of trucks are truly needed for a current project. Rental companies may suggest different dump trucks to help you select appropriate models.

2-Using Suitable Operators

The work that dump trucks do usually requires skilled drivers who can drive with precision and care. While many in your company already hold commercial driver's licenses, that might not be enough. You should be asking for experience with dump trucks specifically; you need drivers who can move the trucks into tight corners and handle a wide range of materials. Rental companies, at times, will be able to pass on the names of dump truck personnel, although an industrial staffing agency may also be helpful.

3-Caring for Trucks

Once you've sorted out all the details and start dumping materials, you should also do your best to protect and care for the trucks you're renting. You should be keenly aware of the possible damage that can happen to the trucks themselves and the solid functioning of the engine and other motor components. For instance, you should lay down bed liners to avoid scratching or otherwise harming truck surfaces. You can also ask about the last time the dump trucks were serviced. The better the condition you can return your rented trucks, the better for your business.

With these considerations, any rentals involving dump trucks can be easily arranged. Your commitment to a smooth rental experience should allow you to work with the trucks without issue. Contact a rental company such as Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc. for more information.


10 August 2019

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