Tips For Getting From The Airport To Your Hotel In A Foreign City


When you're in a foreign city and you do not speak the local language, getting from the airport to your hotel can be a challenge. It's the first big step you need to take in that foreign city and one that often involves trying to read signs and speak to people who do not share your native tongue. How will you get there? Here are some tips.

1. Book a ride in advance.

If you have time before your trip, consider booking a ride from the airport to your hotel in advance. There are airport transportation companies that offer this kind of service, specifically. You can pay online, so that you're not worried about trying to find foreign currency when you first land. The company should tell you where to meet your driver, so you don't have to struggle to read too many signs in the airport. Plus, you can read reviews and make sure you book with a knowledgeable company.

2. Rely on symbols to find the local bus.

If you're on a tight budget, you may opt to ride the local bus or train to your hotel rather than book a ride. Asking people where the bus stop is can get confusing, if they do not speak your language. Relying on symbols, however, is pretty simple. A lot of people need to get to the bus or train from the airport, so this area is usually clearly marked. Look for signs that have the symbol of a bus or train.

3. Call your hotel.

Another option, if you're not up for dealing with public transit, is to call your hotel when you land at the airport. Most hotels employ people who speak in multiple languages, since they deal with travelers on a daily basis. Tell your hotel which airport you're at and they should be able to tell you the best way to reach them. They might even call a cab and make arrangements for you, so that you do not have to speak with the cab driver yourself. Some hotels even offer a shuttle, which they may send to pick you up upon request.

If you land in a foreign airport with little idea of how to reach your hotel, do not panic. Rely on symbols on the signs or call your hotel for help. In the future, try to book your rides in advance. For more information, contact a resource like Empire Corporate Transportation.


9 July 2019

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