Using A Helicopter Charter For Your Wedding Getaway Transportation? Here's Some Helpful Advice


Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many details to cover in order for the wedding day to go off without a hitch. Typically, brides-to-be ask their mothers and married friends for advice based on their experiences. But what about couples who want to do something extraordinary on their wedding day and get whisked away in a helicopter instead of the proverbial getaway car with a "just married" sign on the back? If this sounds like you, you're in good hands. Here's a bit of helpful advice for taking a helicopter ride on your wedding day. 


Of course, the first things on a bride's mind when thinking of taking a helicopter charter directly from the wedding venue is likely to be regarding her dress. It's true that some wedding dresses may be a bit too bulky for a smaller helicopter, so you may need to select a wedding dress that doesn't have too much excess material on the skirt portion, such as a train that cannot be detached. Of course, you could choose to change into after-wedding attire before embarking on your flight which, although not quite ideal, may be preferred if you will take the helicopter on a longer flight directly to your honeymoon and wish to be more relaxed and comfortable.


Another thing to consider is hair. For helicopter rides, long hair should be pulled back. Usually, brides spend hours having their hair perfected in a salon before the wedding, so this shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure the hair is secured and won't easily get windblown. One thing to understand is that passengers in helicopter charters are typically asked to wear a set of headphones, especially so the pilot can easily communicate with the passengers. Therefore, hair should be styled in such a way that it won't interfere with the wearing of a headset or come undone when the headset is removed at the end of the flight. If necessary, a sheer scarf can be used to cover the hair before the headset is worn. 


If you and your newlywed plan on taking the helicopter directly to your honeymoon destination, to the airport, or to another location, it's a good idea to have any luggage at the final destination as you may not have enough room for it all in the helicopter. Even if there is room, the last thing you'll want to worry with is trying to deal with the luggage. If possible, send your luggage ahead to your final destination via a postal service or a courier service. Alternatively, if you are traveling to the airport, ask a close friend or family member to meet you at the airport with your luggage. 


There's no doubt that selfies have become extremely popular over the years, and with mobile phones, nearly everyone has a digital camera within arms reach at any given time. While you most definitely want your wedding day to be archived in photos and videos, avoid taking them yourselves so you can focus on the moment of newly wedded bliss as you take in all of the sites from the helicopter. Instead, ask the helicopter charter service if they have the capability of taking photos and videos for you. Or, hire a photographer/videographer to accompany you on your helicopter charter, if there will be room on the aircraft. 

In conclusion, the best piece of advice to give you is to ask the helicopter charter for assistance in these types of nuisances of using a helicopter for your wedding getaway transportation. 


26 November 2018

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