4 Car Changes to Make When Becoming a Corporate Taxi Service


Creating a contract that will make you a company's personal taxi service is one way to keep stable income coming into your business. Finding businesses who would like a dedicated business taxi cab service for employees for a structured cost is possible, especially if you are in a large city. there are some changes that you may need to make if you would prefer to market your business as a company taxi service. Here are four steps to becoming a corporate taxi service. 

Upgrade or change the vehicles

Businesses want to know that their image will always be a good one. For this reason, they want their workers, especially vice presidents and C-level executives to arrive at any meeting with clients in good style. Make sure that your vehicles are the latest town cars or SUVs on the market. A town car look is classic and comfortable, which provides just what companies are looking for. Downsizing the number of vehicles that you have in order to have the latest cars is a good idea if you need to save up for extra cars. 

Install internet access

Executives tend to stay on their phones or tablets at all times during the work hours. If you are riding to a place in town that may have bad reception, this could be an issue. Have wireless internet installed inside of your vehicles and have the password readily available. This will keep the workers connected, even if they are in the vehicle. This will also make your cars suitable for out of town trips, which can increase your contracted price and offer you and your workers more money. 

Tint all the windows 

Tinted windows in the back seat are not just to keep out the sun. Executive of companies are often expected to meet with clients, who can be high profile. Sometimes meetings need to be kept a secret until deals are finalized. Tinted windows will offer your corporate clients plenty of privacy no matter the reason that they are in need. 

Keep snacks and water in tow

Small water bottles and some form of snacks can be a welcome relief for company personnel who has been on the go all day. Install small coolers inside of the car that holds water and a small, healthy snack, such as trail mix. Having this on hand can be helpful for both the company members who ride in the business taxi and for the drivers if it has been a while since their last break. 


1 November 2017

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