Renting a Bike While on Vacation: Three Things to Know


Taking a bicycle ride around a new city while you are on vacation can be fun, but there are a few things you should know before you set off on your bike-riding adventure. Use this guide to help prepare as you venture into a new city while away on vacation.

Familiarize Yourself With Bike Routes

Depending on where you are vacationing, traffic may be congested and difficult to navigate on a bicycle. Consider using an online map that points out bike routes, trails, and paths so you can plan your route ahead of time. This will help you to determine how many miles you'll need to travel on unprotected streets, and it can make it easier to choose safe bike routes. If you'll be taking a trail in a forest preserve or other more secluded area, it might be a good idea to print your bike route in advance. This will ensure you can navigate your way around even if your smartphone doesn't receive a signal where you are.

Put Your Safety First

If you know you will be biking as part of your trip, be sure to pack the appropriate safety gear. In addition to a helmet, you may want to invest in a light that you can attach to your clothing or backpack to enhance your visibility for motorists. Consider packing a small first aid kit just in case you get a scrape or bruise while you bike. Be sure to pack cycling clothing that is easy for motorists to see, even in low lighting conditions. Pack a pair of comfortable athletic shoes designed for cycling as well.

Find A Bicycle Rental Location

There are many options for renting a bike. You may be able to rent a bicycle from a bike shop, or you may want to see if the city you are visiting has a bicycle sharing program. Many major cities, including Chicago, New York, Boston, Denver, and San Francisco are just a few of the cities that offer this type of service. With bicycle sharing, there are several locations set up throughout the city where you can simply pay online and unlock a bike at your chosen location. You'll have a set amount of time to rent the bike, and you may be able to return it at one of many different locations. If you are renting from a bicycle shop, you may need to make sure you return your bike at the original rental location at a specific time. Knowing the rules in advance will help to prevent you from incurring extra charges.

Consider making a bike ride part of your next vacation, and enjoy this unique way to see the sites in a new and exciting city. With a little preparation, you can have a safe, fun ride.


31 January 2017

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