Making A Lasting Impression On That Important Client


If you are going to be meeting with a client, you want to make a favorable impression. The truth is, you only get one chance to 'wow' them and after that, you may wish you had taken a bit more care during introductions. Use this as an opportunity to foster a relationship that could manifest into a loyal, life-long client.

Some tips for making a favorable impression on an important client include:

Pick them up in style. Don't risk being late, having car trouble, or getting hung up in traffic; hire a company car or corporate limo, like PTL Executive, to get you to your meeting on time and in-style. Picking your client up at the airport? Make sure you pick them up in a limo so that they feel valued and appreciated from the moment they arrive for the meeting.

Don't waste their time. Being late for a client can be perceived as being disrespectful of their schedule. Don't waste everyone's precious time by showing up tardy for meetings. If you show up early, don't assume or ask to be seen early; this could also wreak havoc with your potential client's agenda.

Watch what you wear. Show that you take your job and the meeting seriously by dressing to impress. Arrive well-groomed and neatly dressed, in clothing that is not distracting, loud, or obnoxious. Even if your business is kitschy or inventive, dress stylishly and tastefully when meeting clients for the first time.

Bring key people to the table. Bring the team members that have pertinent input to meet with potential clients. If your potential client has questions related to numbers, bring a person that can provide that information accurately and without delay. This shows a level of commitment to the client that will be remembered long after the meeting.

Do your homework. Don't get caught without the right information and without a sense of where the client is coming from; do your homework. Get some insight into the client's business, needs, and concerns before walking in to meet with them. This saves everyone time and will keep you from getting flustered or giving misinformation during this initial phase of the business relationship.

Every client is an important client; do what you can to impress them from the get-go. Use these tips to make a favorable impression at your next business meeting and feel confident knowing that you came across as serious, respectful, and informed. 


16 December 2016

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