Arranging Transportation for a Conference


One of the biggest logistical questions that you may have as a conference planner is how to get all of your guests to your venue. You may need to take a very active role in planning transportation, depending on who your attendees are, so here are some questions to consider.

Will You Be Handling All Transportation Arrangements?

The first thing to know is whether you plan to arrange all of your attendees' transportation to and from your conference. This is a good idea if you are dealing with high-powered executives and charging a high dollar amount for your conference. It's also a good choice if you will have a lot of minors attending your conference; parents may not want to send their teens to a conference if they will be left to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar city. In other cases, you may not feel obligated to arrange everyone's transportation, but it's still a great idea to put together a list of airport taxi companies and other transportation options for your guests.

How Can You Transport Guests in Bulk?

If you do decide to offer transportation, it's a good cost-saving measure to find a transportation service to move people in bulk from place to place. If your conference includes field trips and optional outings, then renting coach buses would be a great option. They can house a lot of people, and you can rent these by the hour or day. If you need to shuttle people from place to place on a looser schedule, charter vehicles are a good choice. This way, you can rent the driver and vehicle and have them travel back and forth between the pick-up and drop-off spot as needed.

Do Guests Need Additional Transportation?

Your guests might need other transportation, for instance if they have to go off-site to find food and other amenities. One option is to give guests a public-transportation pass and a map of the amenities and hot spots they may want to visit. Again, if you have a group that you'd like to provide more convenience to, you could arrange specific times that transportation will be available to certain parts of the city.

In short, planning transportation for a group of people can be a big task, but there are many services available to make your life easier. You might want to consult your conference center to see what other event planners have done in the past to transport their guests through that city.


30 November 2016

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