Airport Transportation Options For Families


When you're traveling with a big family, finding an affordable and convenient way to get from the airport to your destination can be a challenge. Here are some of the best options at your disposal.


One of the best options for airport transportation is a friendly taxi service, such as Union Taxi. With many companies, you can also now book your ride online to avoid waiting in line at the airport. An airport taxi can accommodate many people at once; your taxi company might even offer extra-large vehicles to accommodate more than four people.

Airport taxis are a great idea for families because they're hassle free. You won't have to deal with carrying your luggage on public transportation, for instance. There's no way for the kids to get lost while waiting for the next train. And you'll travel in your own safe and comfortable vehicle.

Charter Vehicle

A charter vehicle may be the best choice if you plan to do a lot of driving at your destination. You can charter a driver to stick with you through the entire trip and get you from point A to point B. One added benefit of a charter vehicle is that you will be able to leave your belongings in the vehicle as you stop at various sites and attractions. And you can get to know your driver and develop a trusted relationship during your trip. However, charter vehicles can be much more expensive than simply using a taxi as needed, since you'll be occupying the driver's entire workday.

Rental Car

A rental car is perhaps a more affordable alternative to the charter vehicle. Of course, you'll be responsible for the hassle of driving and navigating yourself, but it may be a good option if you want to have just you and your family in the vehicle. Rental cars will give you a way to keep everyone together and easily transport the kids during your trip. You could also have the option of renting a fun vehicle, such as a jeep or convertible, that you don't get to drive that often.

Public Transportation

Finally, for the adventurous family, public transportation can be an option for families. Before you choose public transportation for your trip, do your research to ensure that the transit schedules are accurate and that your routes are safe. Setting some safety ground rules for your trip will also be important to making this a feasible option.


30 November 2016

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