Corporate Taxi Service Accounts: Advantages & Options For Transportation


In the world of business, time is money. Traveling by taxi is a great way to save time, but pulling out a wallet or purse to pay for the taxi can create annoying delays, especially if you have multiple rides each day. When using taxi services for business travels, you and your employees can take advantage of a corporate taxi account. By understanding the advantages of these accounts, you can choose the best ways to implement them for your business.

Monthly Invoices

As an alternative to paying for each individual ride, a corporate taxi account is typically billed on a monthly basis. This allows you to ride the taxi when needed without having to worry about instant payment options. The monthly invoices will break down the various rides so you can clearly see how much is being sent on the taxis. Having the tracking information for these rides will also make it easier when it comes to tax deductions. Keeping all of the receipts from every individual taxi ride can be a pain, but having one monthly invoice makes things a lot easier. The invoices can be paid automatically or billed and paid by a specific due date. Knowing when the bill comes will also help you have the budgeting ready for these payments each month.

Individual Employee Tracking

If you have multiple employees that need to travel around, then you can use corporate taxi accounts to help track their rides and taxi use. When setting up a corporate account, each employee can receive their own corporate taxi card. During each ride, this card is presented to the driver and swiped once the trip is complete. All of the data that comes from these cards is sent to you so you can easily keep track of employees. This is a great system to ensure that employees are traveling where they are supposed to go and get there at the proper times. When an employee leaves the company, it's easy to deactivate the card and eliminate them from your corporate account.

Security Options

When using corporate cards, there are many security options and parameters that you can have set. For example, you can set the cards up so that they are only used during business hours. The cards will not swipe or work correctly if they are used during off-business hours. You can also set monthly budgets for your taxi use. For example, you can set the monthly limit to $1,000 worth of rides. Once you are over the limit, the taxi company may contact you and the cards will be disabled. This allows you to stay within a specific budget and not get over-charged for extra rides. The budget can also be changed at any time. For example, if you are taking more meetings during the summer months, then you can expand your budget as needed for summer travel needs.

Tip Inclusion

Another way to help cut down on travel times and exchanges in the taxi is to have an automatic tip included with each ride. When setting up tips, you have two options. You can set a specific tip amount like $5.00 for each ride. You could also set a percentage amount for the ride. For example, you could set a 10% tip for each ride that you take. This allows the drivers to earn a bigger tip for longer trips. All of these tips will be included as part of the monthly invoice. Having them automatically deducted can also help reduce the amount of cash that you need to carry on each trip.

Staying organized through a corporate account can make it a lot easier to track your business, budget, and get the transportation that you need. Contact a taxi company for more information on setting up your account and getting started.


17 August 2016

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