Common Questions And Answers About A Career As An Owner Operator


The modern economy can be characterized by generally weak job growth and stagnant wages, but this does not mean that there are no rewarding careers for individuals to pursue. In particular, a career driving commercial trucks can be both financially rewarding and personally freeing. However, if you are considering pursuing this career path, you may need a couple of questions answered before you decide to pursue a career in commercial trucking.

How Are The Trucking Fees Handled?

There are an almost countless number of fees that truck drivers will have to pay while driving. From fuel costs to weigh stations and tolls, these costs can quickly add up and eat into your earnings. Not surprisingly, many people may shy away from this career because they assume they will always be required to pay these fees, but this is not actually the case. 

There are many trucking companies that will reimburse drivers for these costs. These companies will usually cover the costs as long as you can submit a receipt proving that you had to pay it. When this is the case, these companies will add the total to your earnings for that trip.

However, not every company will provide these reimbursements, and this can substantially change your total pay rate. As a result, before you consider a career with a particular company, you should always learn how these costs are handled. 

What If You Can Not Afford To Buy Your Own Truck?

Sadly, the equipment to start this career can be extremely expensive, and there are many people that lack the resources to purchase their own truck outright. Luckily, there are options for individuals that are wanting to break into this career path but lack the resources needed. There are many companies that will lease a truck to individuals in exchange for them signing a contract to work with them until the truck has been fully paid off. 

However, the requirements to qualify for these programs can vary greatly from company to company. For example, there are many providers that will closely analyze your credit history to determine if you are worthy for this program while others may be more interested in a stable work history. By comparing the offer and terms from several companies, you will be able to find a leasing program that meets your professional and financial needs. 

Pursuing a career into owner operator truck jobs can be one of the most rewarding lucrative areas of trucking, but there are many people that do not understand what is required to break into this career path. By understanding these two common questions and answers about trucking careers, you will be better positioned to make a smart choice for your needs. 


11 February 2015

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