3 Questions To Ask Your Private Jet Manager


Is your business considering buying a private jet? If so, you'll have to make a number of decisions about the size and type of jet you want as well which optional features you need. You'll also need to select a jet manager. A jet manager handles all of the aircraft maintenance and repair and makes sure that the jet is ready to fly. Your jet broker may recommend a jet manager, but it's always worthwhile to do your own research and interview a few different companies. Although jet managers all do similar types of work, there are a few differentiating factors that you'll want to consider. Here are three important questions to ask every jet manager:

Do they get parts discounts for your type of aircraft?

Some jet managers are so large that they can negotiate price discounts with parts manufacturers. Others aren't necessarily large, but they do specialize in a particular brand, so they get discounts on parts for that brand of jet. Ask your manager how much work they do on your brand and type of aircraft and whether that qualifies them for discounts. This is especially important for parts that are regularly changed, like tires, gears, and belts.

Do they outsource any part of their work?

It's fairly common for a jet manager to outsource some or even all of the maintenance and repair work. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. In order to get the best aircraft maintenance and repair service, you have to have the most experienced and qualified repair technicians. For some smaller managers, the best way to utilize skilled repair workers is to outsource.

However, if the manager outsources, you'll want to find out exactly which processes are outsourced and to whom. Then do your own due diligence on the contractor. Find out how large and experienced they are. Also, ask for any FAA records that exist for any aircraft issues that they've been involved with. Finally, see if you can get a couple of referrals from some of their other clients.

What happens if there's a maintenance-related delay?

You're probably buying a private jet so you can retain greater control over your schedule. Flying on your time without airport delays is one of the biggest benefits of having a private jet.

What happens, though, if your plane gets grounded because of delays in the maintenance department? Some managers offer on-time guarantees. If the plane is delayed because of their service, they'll offer a refund or credit toward your bill. Be sure to ask your manager about this scenario.

The key to finding a great jet manager is doing plenty of research. Interview several different companies, ask for referrals, and ask plenty of questions.


13 October 2014

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